Media Effects

Before I get started describing three times media has affected me, you need to know the four different dimensions of media effects. Timing: Immediate & Long-Term Type: Cognitive, Belief, Attitudinal, Emotional, Physiological, Behavioral, & Macro Valence: Individual (positive & negative) & Societal (positive & negative) Intentionality: Intended & Unintended Now to the stories: Once upon … More Media Effects

Body Image

Today we looked at magazines and analyzed what the messages about body image were. I concluded that the media is saying that we should all look the same. There is an ideal body that men should have, and there is an ideal body that women should have. The problem is that we can’t all look … More Body Image

Snowy Range

It was a beautiful day in the Snowies yesterday. We took pictures of the environment we were in and the people we were with. Both are amazing. I’m dreading Saturday when we will all have to leave. Syler, Chase, and I all shared a camera, so we may have some photos in common. You can … More Snowy Range

Generation Like

We just finished watching a documentary called “Generation Like”. It talked about the mixture of social media and advertising. It was very clear they wanted to portray teens like all of us will do anything to get mass approval. This includes “selling out”. Apparently, all of our teacher’s classes before ours didn’t know what selling … More Generation Like


The class went on a trip to Cheyenne to tour the Wyoming Tribune Eagle yesterday. The guide’s name was Colton and he showed us all around the facilities. The press was huge, and I thought it was interesting how they layered on colors to get the right color on the paper. Here are some pictures … More Cheyenne